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new york city last week. two planes nearly collided. that's the word. a stretch, though. the faa reports one flight was arriving at jfk, the other one departing from la guardia. they're only 12 miles appar. the feds say the plane's were a half mile apart. that's too close, and one of them a couple hundred feet above the other. both planes landed safe lit but an investigation is underway. laura ingall has more. these planes war lot closer than any planes ought to be. reporter: that's right. federal aviation administration regulations require that commercial planes be separated by at least three miles or a thousand feet in altitude. this planes came within 200 feet of each other, which is a shorter distance than a football field. this happened in the skies above john f. kennedy and la guard you. a 747 was descends as an american airline plane was taking off. the faa says this, the two aircraft, were turning away from each other at the point where they lost the required separation. both air craft landed safely. the delta flight landing was a missed approach, the pilot coming back ar
to use them during take-off and landings. aaron mcpike is here with why the faa plans to light i don't know up a little when it comes to gadget rules. there's a catch to this as i understand it? >> there is. one of the big devices we use, the cell phone, is actually not included. so no last-minute calls. but you could keep up with the news. just too fidgety to power down that gadget before take-off? >> your mobile phones and other electronic devices should be turned off. >> that instruction from the flight attendant may be a thing of the past if the faa approves a draft of new recommendations allowing flyers to use some of their gadgets during taxi, take-off and landing, though cell phones are not included. last year the faa began to look at loosening those restrictions. this morning the wall street journal published leaks from the alleged unfinished reports. but frequent flyers have long ignored requests to power down. alec baldwin was booted from an american airlines flight for using his mobile device. he's a bit game player. remember "word with friends." later he spoofed the pilot
, got way too close. one of them was a regional jet. the other was a boeing 747. faa rules call for at least 1,000 feet of separation. these two aircraft were closer than that. our report tonight from nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: it happened in the nation's most congested skies served by three busy airports -- laguardia, jfk, and newark. a third of all u.s. air traffic every day flies through, into, or out of new york air space. a week ago today, a very close call. delta flight 172, a boeing 747 with more than 300 passengers on board, was at the end of a 14-hour flight from tokyo preparing to land at new york's jfk airport. but as he approached runway 4 left in rough winds, the pilot executed a missed approach, telling the tower he was going around. the tower issued instructions to climb and make a gentle turn to the right. meanwhile, at nearby laguardia, a delta regional jet with 70 passengers aboard was taking off, climbing to its left. as the two planes made their wide turns, they came within 2,600 feet horizontally and just 200 feet vertically. controllers then sounded t
4 news weekend. the f-a-a is during flights. those details next. a spokeswoman says southwest airlines has cancelled 57 flights because of a computer glitch that grounded planes for more than two hours. michelle agnew says 43 of the cancellations were flights scheduled for late friday night in the western half of the country. the other 14 were saturday morning flights scattered across the u.s. because crews were not able to get to airports in time to make agnew says the computer system was back to "full capacity" early saturday. the airline had used a 250 flights. some flights were on the taxiway and diverted back to problem was detected around already in the air were unaffected. airline passengers may soon have the option of staying takes off. the f-a-a is considering allowing fliers to use some of their gadgets during the planes taxi, takeoff, and landing. though cell phones are not included, some devices are under consideration including i-pods. "there's been guidance that's been out there for years, the airlines have just been essentially waiting for the faa to make its po
about a very close call in the skies over new york city. faa is investigating a near miss involving a delta air lines jumbo jet and shuttle america commuter plane. it's not sure if a warning system went off alerting the pilots to the problem. the latest from tom costello at reagan national. good morning, tom. >> hi, alex. good day. the faa requires 1,000 feet of separation between aircraft. these two planes over new york got a lot closer than that. 200 feet vertically and 2,500 horizontally. it was a very close call. it happened to the nation's most congested skies served by three busy airports, laguardia, jfk, newark. a third of all usair traffic every day flies through, into or out of new york airspace. a week ago today, a very close call. delta flight 172, boeing 747 with more than 300 passengers on board was at the end of a 14-hour flight from tokyo preparing to land at new york's jfk airport. but as he approached run way # in rough winds, the pilot executed a missed approach, telling the tower he was going around. the tower issued instructions to climb and make a gentle turn to
. >> reporter: it's estimated perez has saved 2,000 lives. rick: in the skies over new york city, the faa investigating a near miss by two airplanes. one arriving at jfk, another take off from lookin la guardia airport. it's especially busy in the skies over new york city. one of the busiest travel corridors in the city. how close did the planes get to one another? >> reporter: we not was close enough for the faa to get involved. the incident happened in the skies above jfq-la guardia airports. they are about 12 miles awart from on -- apart from one anoth. the faa released this statement. delta airlines boeing 747 arriving at jfk's runway 4l lost the required amount of separation from a shuttle america. as they were turning away from each other both aircraft landed safely. that from the faa. experts say these times of incidents are routinely investigated by the faa. faa regulations require the planes be separated by at least 3 miles or 1,000 feet in altitude. we are waiting for word from the faa to determine how close these two planes came. rick: laura, thanks so much. martha: we are gett
have the option of staying plugged- in. as their plane takes off. the f-a-a is considering allowing fliers to use some of their gadgets during the planes taxi, takeoff, and landing. though cell phones are not included, some devices are under consideration including i-pods. >> airlines have been waiting for the faa to make their position, clear. the faa is going to make that declaration and the airline's record to make a statement. they want to make sure that they are why fight tolerant. >> pam: they are-- wi fi ... tolerant. the deadline for that report has already been pushed back twice. the f-a-a says, it will wait to issue formal guidelines on electronic usage after it receives the recommendations in september. >> it may look like an ordinary i-phone case. but it serves as a 650-thousand- volt punch. all it takes is one touch. and the case- turned- stun gun. delivers a shock that causes discomfort. ranging from mild to extreme pain. the case has two safety switches, and an activation button to prevent accidental discharge. thousands have been sold online and in stores since febru
in the skies. we're learning more about a near collision over new york city. the faa now investigating. after two airplanes got too close for comfort. we'll let you in on one pilot's conversation with air traffic control. >>> also new concerns about the housing market as the fed considers ending the stimulus program. this as mortgage rates rise from historic lows. a look what it means for buyers. jon: "happening now", new details in a near collision over new york city. a plane arriving at jfk airport got a little too close to a plane departing laguardia airport last week. both aircraft we are happy to say landed safely. still the faa tells fox news it is investigating the incident. laura engel is live with more information for us what happened? >> reporter: this is pretty scary when you break down to it. we still have more information we're waiting to get. we don't know how exactly the planes came to each other over the big apple. it was close enough for the faa to get involved. the incident happened at june 13th, at 2:40 p.m. in the skies over john f. kennedy and laguardia airports which hav
by passengers could be about to change. the new faa plan that might allow us to keep our phones on. >>> and doggone ugly. the results are in. the competition was fierce. and this morning, we reveal the world's ugliest dog. >>> good morning, everybody. a lot going on right now, including news of a scary scene endured by nelson mandela, on his way to the hospital. and a medical alert triggered by the sudden death of 51-year-old actor james gandolfini. 51 years old. what are the heart warning signs you should be looking for? dr. rich besser is here with us this morning. >> so many people wondering if anything could have been done to prevent that untimely death. >>> also this morning, the name game. kim and kanye gave their daughter what some are describing a wayward name. but where does it rate among offsprings such as apple, and blue ivy. and what does a name do to a child later in life? >>> we begin with celebrity chef paula deen's backfiring. she had two awkward videos online, apologizing for racist comments she made in the past. moments later, the network announced it won't be ren
sentence. >>> it was a close call. the faa is investigating why two airplanes came too close. terrell brown describes the near miss. >> delta flight 172, a boeing 747 from tokyo was on final approach to new york's john f. kennedy airport. high winds forced the pilot's request a go around, which is an aboarded landing. turn left to stay out of the potentially dangerous weight turbulence of another plane. at the same time, 170 operating as a delta connection flight bound for jacksonville, florida, just departed from laguardia airport. in air traffic recordings, a controller can be heard alerting the pilot. >> 172. yes, sir, we are almost there now. >> delta 172, we have a traffic, 12:00, 1400 feet. 1600 feet. >> both planes turned in front of each other and at their closest were separated by a half mile and 200 feet vertically. this vowlated the minimum required separation of three miles horizontally. mark is the former chairman of the ntsb and a cbs transportation analyst. that was extremely close. unacceptably close. however, with that said, what you saw was incredible professionalism
. >> thank you, 6:11. >>> the faa makes a decision when you can and can't use el t electronic devices during a flight. >>> new video shows payouts on the streets of brazil. the emergency action the country's president is making today as anti-government protests continue. >>> dow takes a dive. how too much good news l >>> good morning, everyone, thanks forjoinjoiningic. 6:14. you can see haze there burning off, already is beautiful first day of summer shaping up. >>> new video from brazil shows chaos in the streets as thousands of protesters continue anti-government demonstration. this video into our newsroom overnight shows some of the clashes between protesters and police just hours ago. you can see the police using tear gas. brazil's president is holding emergency cabinet meetings today. not all the demonstrations are violent though. thousands of people peacefully marched last night as well. this all comes one week after a smaller demonstration about an increase in bus and subway fares. >>> happening today, trading will get under way on wall street in just about 15 minutes. this is one day
might not need to turn off to take off. faa getting ready to change the rules on personal electronic devices. >> anyone who has flown on an airline, has heard the announcement to turn off your electronic devices. those announcements could be a thing of the past. imagine using your smartphones and ereaders from the time they step on the play. that could be the arrest if the faa adopts recommendations from an advisory formed last year about the strong demand for consumer electronics on airplanes. we spoke to passengers and most were excited but there are some who didn't think it's such a great idea. >> i'm really excited as a business person that travels a lot. going to definitely increase my productivity. >> i like the quiet time, and i think the biggest thing for me is somebody talking, a loud talker, quiet talker, phones ringing and texting, it would be annoying. >> people would really enjoy that. i think a lot of people secretly do it before anyone notices and while no one is looking. >> i think that's a great idea. it's not like people are really annoying each other, using their t
documents released by the faa after a freedom of information request by a california privacy rights group, showed the fbi applied for and got permission at least four times since 2009 to fly surveillance drones in this country. >> the fact they're heavily redacted is significant. it shows a culture of secrecy that's pure opaqueness in the way drones are operated in the united states. >> reporter: the documents do reveal the fbi flying an unarmed drone widely used by defense department called the puma ae. the california manufacturer told fox it is highly portable, carries a color and thermal video camera to send live surveillance data to its operator with a two hour flight limit. earlier this week, fbi director robert mueller went on the record. >> does the fbi own or currently use drones, if so, for what purpose? >> yes, and for surveillance. >> reporter: pushed on privacy policies covering use and retention of surveillance data gathered within the u.s., mueller says it is a work in progress. >> we have very few, have limited use, and we're exploring not only the use but also the necessar
with our report. report back to heavily redacted documents released by th faa after a freedom of information request by california privacy groups show the fbi applied for and got permission at least four times since 2009 to fly surveillance drones in this to the fact they are heavily redacted is incredibly significant showing the culture of secrecy in the way the drones are ooerated in the united states. >> revealing they are flying a drone while referring specifi questions to the fbi the california manufacturer tolold x it is highly portable carries a color and thermal videocamera to send live surveillance data to its operator with a two-hour flight limit. earlier thisee fbi director robert mueller went on the record. speaker does the fbi currtly use our n drones and if so, for what purpose? >> yes, for surveillance. >> 's real estate a gathered within the.s., he says it is a work in progress. >> we are exploring not onlythe use, but also the necessary guidelines for that. it >>> the fbi confirms the usef drones. the fbi emphasized the use of uavs by existing aircraft regulat
over new york city. the faa investigating a near-miss between a delta flight arriving in jfk and a shuttle america regional flight departing from laguardia. renee march is in washington and joining us live with more on this. what are you learning, renee? >> you said it right off the top, a scary situation. we are just pulling in the information from the faa this morning. and they are just starting their investigation. so here's what we know so far. one plane was supposed to land at new york's jfk airport. but it did not. instead, the pilot kept the plane in the air and was flying in the direction of laguardia airport. now, at this point, we have no idea why the pilot did not land as planned. it could be any number of reasons. he could have been experiencing problems with the airplane or another plane may not have cleared the runway as yet. now now, as this plane continued in the air, a second plane took off from laguardia, and that's when we had this near-miss in the new york city skies. now, the faa telling cnn just a short time ago that it is investigating an incident on ju
out is how this happened. the faa telling us that their investigation is just starting. but here's what we know so far. the incident happened here at new york's jfk airport. a shuttle america e170 was taking off just as a delta 747 was preparing to land. that 747 then peeled out of its landing in a standard procedure called a missed approach. the two planes then came way too close. the faa will not confirm just how close. in a statement it said the two aircraft were turning away from each other at the point where they lost the required separation. both aircraft landed safely. it is the latest in the string of near misses across the nation's airports in the past few years. last year in washington, d.c., at reagan national airport, three planes barely avoided slamming into one another after a control tower miscommunication. and a frightening near multiple collision in denver, just before last thanksgiving. >> traffic alert. 1:00. less than two miles at same altitude. >> reporter: a passenger plane caught on radar staring directly into the line of several aircrafts. in 2010, a pilot
for airline passengers. the faa could start letting you use more gadgets at the start of your flight. i'll tell you which ones. >>> we have new developments in the case involving new england patriots star aaron hernandez. cnn's susan candiotti is there, so susan, what more do we know, and i understand there's been quite a bit of activity in and out of that household. >> that's right. it's been about an hour and a half, fredricka, when this new search began at the home of aaron hernandez. and we counted at least a dozen investigators who are here, both with the massachusetts state police as well as the local police here in the town where he lives. now, this is significant because it is the second time this week that investigators have descended on this home, and we saw many of them carrying kits, some of them wearing blue latex gloves. we saw at least two police dogs also in and around the house here. it is unclear what they are looking for, but as you said, this is part of the ongoing murder investigation into the death of a man whose family has described as a friend of aaron hernandez,
though the fbi is using the drones they must first obtain approval by the faa to use any aircraft in any type of confined area. >> elizabeth prann in washington. >> extreme weather for you right now. we are getting incredible video pictures by a giant water spout in indiana. it is about a half mile wide. image that. it damaged one home and knocked down power lines. take a look how close one skier got to that. >> check out another water spout spotted in tampa pay bay florida. it one spun for 7 minutes but never made land fall. >> maria molina is tracking today's weather for us. >> good morning heather and patti an ann. beautiful emergencies out of florida and parts of the gulf coast. we are looking at a slow moving weather pattern. where you have the nice weather today you will be seeing that continuing so that includes parts of the northeast. where you have the bad weather we expect it to take place as well. the midwest parts of the plains not just today in the form of thunderstorms and showers maybe possibility of severe weather as we get into your friday and also into your saturday kic
with that close call. this is over the skies of the new york. the faa is now trying to figure out how a delta flight arriving at jfk airport almost collided with the plane leaving la guardia. we are filled in on what happens. >> reporter: the incident happened near at new york's jfk airport. a shuttle america was taking off just as a delta 747 was preparing the land. that 747 peeled out of its landing in a standard procedure called a missed approach. the two planes then came way too close. the faa will not confirm just how close. in statement it said the two airports were turning away from each other at the point where they lost the required separation. both aircraft landed safely. it's the latest in a string of near misses akros the nation's airports in the past few years. last year in washington, d.c. at reagan national airport three planes barely avoided slamming into one another after a control tower miscommunication. a frightening near multiple politician in denver. >> traffic alert. >> reporter: the passenger plane caught on radar steering directly into the line of several aircrafts. in
't rise much in the future. >>> and the faa is expected to soon relax the ban on the use of certain electronic devices on planes, giving passengers a little bit of leeway during takeoff and landing. cell phones will still not be permitted, but luckily for people like alec baldwin, you probably will be able to play words with friends. >> good news. thanks so much, kayla. >>> the white house is again delaying requiring new cars and trucks come equipped with rearview cameras. automakers say the equipment is expensive. an average of 228 people are killed and 17,000 others injured by back-over accidents. >>> abercrombie & fitch is pulling its taylor swift tee after a backlash from petition-wielding swifties. the shirt said #moreboyfriendsthants. a&f tweeted out this message to shoppers -- hey, swifties, we no longer sell the t-shirt. we heart taylor's music and think she's awesome." and there's been a spike in dvd sales and downloads of "the sopranos," the complete series, following the death of james gandolfini. sales jumped from 1,463rd all the way to 2nd place among the best-sellers.
year. >> pelley: the f.a.a. is investigating a near miss involving two delta jetliners that were on a collision course over new york city. it happened thursday of last week, and terrell brown is looking into it for us. >> reporter: delta flight 172, a boeing 747 from tokyo, was on final approach to new york's john f. kennedy airport. high winds forced the pilot to request a go-around, which is an aborted landing. delta 172 was then instructed by the control tower to turn left to stay out of the potentially dangerous wake turbulence of another plane that had just departed. at the same time, an embraer 170, operating as a delta connection flight bound for jacksonville, florida, had just departed from laguardia airport and was flying directly towards delta 172. in air traffic recordings a controller can be heard alerting the pilot of delta 172. 172, are you turning? >> yes, sir, we're almost at 040 now. >> dealt >> 172, are you turning? >> yes, sir, we're almost at 040 now. >> dealt a172, traffic 12:00. 1400 feet, embraer, 1600 feet. >> reporter: both planes turned in front of each
's most deadly plane crashes. that evidence includes faa radar data, explosive residue in multiple locations of the plane and witness accounts of a rising streak of light through the sky. the documentary's producers and the former investigators suggest a cia, fbi and ntsb coverup. >> they had some political agenda to show this was an accident irregardless of what the evidence was. >> john golia was one of the five ntsb board members assigned to the case. >> i would never be part of any coverup. you have to take all the pieces and look at them as a whole. the sequencing report that told how the airplane came apart, none of it supports a missile. >> the ntsb collected over 17,000 pages of documents. all of those items are available to the public. >> reporter: at the time ntsb investigators considered and reject admission sill brought the plane down. they insist the streak witnesses saw was burning fuel from the plane. wednesday morning former investigators filed a petition with the ntsb to reopen the case. renee marsh, cnn, washington. >> will there be a new investigation. james hall
when passengers tackled him. >>james: the faa says a united flight bound for san francisco from honolulu turned around because of an unexpected-unspecified electrical problem. the boeing 737 landed back in honolulu without incident. the red i took off from hawaii sunday night just before midnight and was scheduled to land in san francisco yesterday morning. the faa is investigating what caused the problem. >>anny: with the arrival of the summer travel season, an annual report on customer satisfaction fined airlines are proving for a second straight year. despite rising fees and shrinking service still ongoing passengers, airlines climbed 3% in the american customer satisfaction index. airlines like jet blew and southwest showed the most improvement. djebel rose 2% to 83, while southwest climbed 5% to 81. >>jacqueline: >>james: 421 is the time. we will take a quick break and be right back. looking at the golden gate bridge, a little hazy out there but otherwise looks pretty good. drive not bad. and as for the weather, we will have erica coming up with a quick update on what we ca
auto, student, and credit cards likely won't raise much in the future. the faa is likely to relax a ban on certain electronic devices on planes, giving passengers a little leeway on takeoff and landing. >> thank you, kayla. >>> the white house is, again, delaying requiring new cars and trucks come equipped with rear view cameras. 17,000 are injured each year by backover accidents. >>> instagram is adding video for their 130 million monthly users. the new feature will allow 15-second clips. people can throw in captions and hash tags, just like when sharing a picture. >>> there's been a spike in dvd sales and download of the sopranos following the death of james gandolfini. sales jumped to second place. among the best sellers, it sells for $124.99. >>> david beckham causes a stampede, literally. and we have a new queen of soccer. plus, the story of a deaf little boy who hears for the first time. that's next. >>> welcome back. there are many firsts in a child life, their first step, their first word, but this morning, we have a different kind. a little boy about to hear the voice of his da
been the fbi director since before the 9/11 attacks. >>> this morning the faa revealed a delta airlines jet arriving at jfk international came dangerously close to a shuttle american flight. both aircraft landed safely. >>> it's the biggest removal of a dam. demolition is under way. the dam has blocked the natural flow of the river for almost 90 years. today crews will begin a three- year $84 million project to tear down that landmark. once complete it will open up 25 miles of water way. 1991 state inspectors said the damage was at risk of failure in an earthquake and could wipe out hundreds of homes. that left the company with two choices. first to move iten shore or tear the down. >>> at a 4.5-mile stretch at 880 is expanding. they timed up for the $64 million which began in the year of as many drivers agreed the change is welcome. >> a lot of times it takes us three times or more to get over. so ever with the car pool lane it will be a big help. >> now on saturday cal tran will remove the orange cones providing access to the lanes. starting at 5:00 a.m. on monday the new lanes will b
: the two aircraft, headed straight to each other, what the faa calls losing separation. others call it a near miss. >> anytime we have two airplanes that allegedly come within 100 feet of each other, it's not just a violation. it's serious. >> do you have the la guardia departure in sight? >> say again? >> did you have the la guardia departure in sight? >> never saw him. >> reporter: the faa does say the planes were turning away from each other when they got too close. >> we got a systemic failure, obviously, in the system, which is so well-designed, breaks down and we have somebody getting close to somebody else. >> reporter: this happened last friday afternoon. and between 2009 and 2010, there was an alarming 50% increase in these kind of operational errors like this one. the faa says part of that is due to better reporting. of course, these close calls remain a concern. robin? >> yeah, they do. david, thanks very much. >>> we're going to turn to wall street. walloped for a second-straight day. the dow diving more than 350 points on thursday. its worst day of the year. and abc's r
la guardia airport. as we understand. e-170 flight operated by shuttle america. the faa said in a statement the aircraft were turning away from each other at the point where they lost the required separation. both aircraft ended up landing safely. as we understand this morning, as we've been told at any given time, two aircrafts, two a distance of about 1,000 feet from one another. >> that's scary, thank you. a nail biter last night. after near death in game six, the miami heat came back to capture game seven and their second straight title. they beat the san antonio spurs. lebron janlsmes scored 37 points. lauren pastrana. >> reporter: the roller coaster nba finals series. a few hours ago, fans filled the streets in celebration after the heat brought home the city's second straight championship. with the nba title on the line the home team miami heat did not disappoint. >> look how far up they're playing. they'll try it again. >> reporter: the san antonio spurs still proved to be worthy opponents fighting neck and neck with miami throughout the game. >> th
. >>> new details emerging about a close call in the skies above new york city. the faa says two planes loaded with passengers came way too close to one another. we have the details in the "newsroom." laura? >> we are still waiting to find out exactly how close these two planes came. one thing is for sure. if it is close enough to involve the faa, with e know this is no good. this happened at 2:40 p.m. above the skies at john f. kennedy and laguardia. a delta airlines boeing 747 came dangerously close to a shuttle america e-170 taking off from laguardia. in a statement released today, the federal aviation administration says the two aircrafts were turning away from each other at the point where they lost the required separation. both aircraft landed safely. tower control audio between the aircraft controller and delta pilot released today gives us a glimpse into the moment when the problem was flagged. the controller is heard saying, delta, 171 heavy, traffic, 12:00, 1,400 feet. embraer, 1600 feet. the pilot responds, okay, we've got them on the fish finder here. the controller says, ok
are delivering. >>> the faa says it's considering relaxing bans on using electronic devices on airplanes. as you probably know, right now you have to power off under 10,000 feet. the new rules would allow you to keep your tablets and e-readers on, but the cell phones would likely still have to be kept off. >>> apple says it will make its high-end desk top computer right here in america. most likely at this bay area factory. apple is not alone. google and motorola have said they will move projects from china back to the u.s. this sunday morning, scott mcgrew will sit down with the ceo of flextronnics. they are pushing to bring manufacturing back to our shores. here's a clip from sunday morning's press here. >> so what you're going to see is more and more automation over time, creating more and more opportunities to bring things -- have things more regional manufactured. >> by robots? >> by automation. whether it's a robot or whatever. >> that's sunday mornings at 9:00. scott's other guest, a self-made billionaire who still run rents a two-bedroom apartment. >>> one of the most famous restaurants
. an faa official says the kind of aircraft involved was heavily used for pilot training during world war ii. the show has been cancelled for the remainedder of the day. >>> alameda county fire investigators are looking into an apartment building for that destroyed a san leandro business this afternoon. this is all that is left of the building on durant avenue. oakland firefighters were called in to help fight the fire that broke out about 3:00. nobody was injured but the flames gutted one building and slightly damaged another next door. >>> a teenager is in custody tonight after police say he crashed a stolen car into a gas line, starting a fire that destroyed one home and damaged another. five people inside the homes got out okay but a police officers was slightly injured when getting them out. fire crews had trouble shutting off the gas line and the fire burned for several hours. police tried to pull over the teenager but he sped away ex-then crashed. >>> san jose police are on high alert this weekend as part of the new three-pronged plan to deal with the street gang problem. last nigh
: do not worry about turning back gadget of yours off. the faa getting ready to loosen restrictions. we will have the details on it straightahead. dagen: bringing your dog to work. it will help inspire your creativity. i promise. brian has a mountain dog named duke. he is so cute. take a look at how the euro is doing today. not so cute. ♪ ♪ >> 24 minutes past the hour. in boston, and arrest warrant has been issued for aaron fernandez. the warrant is for obstruction of justice for the murder of odin lloyd. he was found dead on monday less than a mile from fernandez is called. an estimated 1 million people took part in a demonstration. the president is holding an emergency mating with cabinet members. forest fires set hazes of smoke and fog. they are trying to distinguish the fires. those are your headlines. back to dagen. dagen: when tim duncan missed that too thin, i went and got into bed. it was heartbreaking. we can still celebrate this weekend, nonetheless. this one is for alec baldwin. the federal aviation administration is expected to relax the ban on the use of some electronic
the storms move our direction. we'll talk about that. >>> and merge landing for a former president. the faa says former president george w. busch was on a private plan that had to make a quick landing. he was flying from philly to dallas when somebody smelled smoke millimeter cockpit. after a quick stop the president got off and get on another plane and continued on the way to dallas. >>> the national skyline filled with smoke after a church caught on fire. firefighters ryed to keep the flames from spreading to a school. no word on injuries or a cause. >> and thousand it is -- thousands people could be questioned for a jury in the colorado neither the judge says as many as 3500 are going to be summoned. scheduled to start in february and the man accused he's facing face counts of murder and attempted murder. >>> and gas up today? price a little high pear year ago $3.36. carroll fuel over by pizza johns and back river selling for $3.15. did i say that outloud? and the highest exxon. hawaii the high nets nation. and the slays south carolina at $3.25. >>> slide siding ripped off your house. wa
be used at low altitudes. the rules the faa uses the standard they set with what you can and can't do on a flight was set back in the 1960s. everything has changed dramatically since then. the faa is listening to the flying public at this point. >> they are saying cell phones -- >> you cannot talk on a cell phone most likely during the flight. >> someone is putting oo monetary price on your bad habits. >> don't eat and don't drink -- i am sorry. don't smoke, don't drink and eat healthy. now we are telling you why you might want to listen. the cost of smoking for a woman 106,000 ore a lifetime 220 k for a man. the cost of drinking if you have $56 drinks a week it will cost you $1,500 a year. i know a lot of people drink smoer likely higher. a major problem in america can cost up to $4,800 a year. so this is a message from several studies to think about how much we are spending to smoke and do bad things for the body a year. >> if you invested that money you would be hundreds of thousands of dollars richer. >> that is true. >> it is the first day of summer but we are kicking it off with
contractors and law enforcement agencies around the country to tell the faa how they can integrate drones into domestic aerospace in the next two years. billions of dollars have been given to contractors for that purpose. >> nyc mayor michael bloomberg, march said the use of domestic surveillance drones by new york city authorities and the erosion of privacy, he talks about this. worldng into a different and charge it and like it or not, what people can do or what governments can do is different and to some extent you can control the cannot keep the tides from coming in. we are quick to have more visibility and less privacy -- we're going to have more visibility and less privacy. it is not a question of it is good or bad, but i don't see how you can stop it. >> it benefits large corporations to have a snug .elationship .e have privacy it is small aircraft were able to monitor is over long periods of time, track bar associations, trap us, that presents a huge problem. >> this whole issue of corporations and government cooperating on surveillance, you talk about that in your book drones not
byxisting aircraft regulations and faa rules. we are in business of investating crimes and protecting lives using all lawful tools available. but with the publicly available tools, surveillance data could be combined with other collection programs including the nsa. >> as you get more data pots you can make more inferences and for me analytics which tells you a very robust picture about a person's life that you wouldn't necessarily consider from each individual point of informion. >> electronic frontier foundati, the group that got the documents to the freedom of informatio actttold fox in a statement the fbi trust e apprch is far from sufficient same the faa has no real policies that guarantee the protection of privacy and civil liberties. lou:atherine, thank you very much. fox news chief telligence coesespondent. the white house tonight saying 700 of our combat troops will remaii in jordan following a training exercise their joining 250 troops that were already in the country. president obamin a lettero congress says the troops will remain until the serity situation becomes such that they
to faa, d.o.t., to enforce, better enforce, some of the slot rules, particularly the idea of an airline using the 82-month -- 82% rule, you have to use 80% within two months. sometimes what we saw in our work is a lot of frequency just to sort of hold on to the slot where na fact -- where in fact it could have been better used and there are oversight rules that we asked dot to look into further. the other thing about the slots is that, as we said in our statement, where those slots are, the fares tend to be higher, tends to be difficult for new competitors to come into those airports. i think it's important -- i think what is important -- one of the important things is that even if slots or divested or if they are maintained by the new american, it's not clear that those same routes will be served. if a new competitor is able to obtain the slots they may decide to fly to a more profitable route, or -- although u.s. air and the new american have made commitments to maintain the services of small and middle communities, that may be difficult when reality takes play. if you're asking an ai
the instruction the pilot received shows an faa system break down. but in the end it -- the training was there. >> the faa tells us that this was a rare event, where you have two planes simultaneously aborting landing. the faa also says that they are investigating it. they're looking into what can be done to prevent another close call like this from happening again. they are calling this a teachable moment. jim? >> that is an understatement. just ahead, we'll break down just how close these two planes came to colliding. and if a sales clerk asks for your zip code after swiping your card, do you need to comply? what you might want to think twice about. i don't ever want to have another heart attack. i'm on a regimen of bayer aspirin. [ male announcer ] be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. be proactive. see your doctor. before you begin an aspirin regimen. hey guys, thanks for coming. are we in trouble? no, you're not in trouble. i just want to set some ground rules. like what? well, remember last week, when you hit vinnie in the head with a shovel? [chuckling] i d
. >>> the investigation under way this morning after two planes came dangerously close. the faa looking at why a delta 747 came close to a shuttle america commuter flight taking off. the two were less than 100 feet apart. this happened friday afternoon, last friday afternoon. both planes did land safely. >>> nsas ease dropping program. new documents show the nsa can and does collect the details of american's phone calls and e-mails, not just those of foreigners, only if they believe it contains information that can help with intelligence overseas and if they got it while monitoring foreigners. the guardian says the nsa can keep the information up to five years. >>> a criminal case against the man who leaked details of the nsa program edward snowden. the company that conducted his background check is under criminal investigation. senator claire mccaskill says they conducted a faulty review. >>> later today, president obama expected to officially name the next fbi director. he's been rumored to be picked for weeks. he was under george w. bush. >>> it took nine days but a jury has been picked in the trial fo
approach is regulated by specific procedures for pilots and controllers. the faa is releasing a statement saying the two aircraft were turning away from each other at the point where they lost the required separation. >> reporter: delta airlines is cooperating with the investigation, and sprieparatel- this is big news for anybody that flies. the faa tells nbc news this morning that it's likely to relax some of the ban on using personal electronic devices at low altitudes. currently the faa requires passengers to keep their electronic devices shut off below 10,000 feet and an advisory panel is looking into whether it's time to revise that rule and allow people to use their electronic devices. the panel has until september to do it's work but we're told the faa will likely go along for allowing e-readers but probably not cell phones. at least not yet. guys, back to you. >>> tom costello. thank you very much. a lot of nervous investors are keeping a close eye on wall street this morning. an eighth straight day of triple digit activity. the dow, s&p, nasdaq all down 2%. jim cramer is host of
may never hear on an airplane again. the faa is expected to relax the ban on using some types of personal electronic devices at low altitudes. tails are still being debated. and the faa won't make a formal decision until september but alec baldwin is already celebrating. eugene, i'm going to ask each and every one of you. and i expect full disclosure. do you turn off your cell phone when they ask you to on an airplane. >> well, define off. >> exactly. exactly. >> incapacitying airplane mode, phones go into. >> yes. >> that is not off, my friend. >> well -- >> he's not answering the question. >> i think i'll refer further questions to my attorney. and -- i think i've said quite enough. >> yes, you have. this is, i think, michelle, this provision would allow you to have your phone in airplane mode. you could potentially use your e reader the entire time in flight. possibly. >> wait, which i think everybody has always known is not actually going to cause the plane to crash. >> please, yes. well, let's not be -- >> there's always of these rules that i think, you know, most -- also
for comfort in the skies over new york city last week. the faa is investigating. tom foreman is on the story. tom, this is not just, oh, they were a mile apart or half a mile apart sort of thing. this was serious. >> yeah, it's easy to think that they're not close, but in reality, in terms of airplanes, this is quite close. these two large passenger planes came dangerously close to each other as they flew over one of the most densely populated parts of the country. how did this happen? the near miss starts with actually a third plane, a third plane coming into new york's kennedy airport down here. the winds are stiff, and it doesn't want to land because it thinks it's not safe. it's told to veer off to the right here. here's what happens then. just behind it another jet comes, a delta 747. it encounters the same problem. so the tower tells this pilot instead to go to the left so that it won't interfere with the plane that went this way. that is key. when that happened, it ended up being pointed right at a shuttle that is taking off from laguardia airport here, that is what put these planes o
for a drill and the faa requires a full emergency response exercise every three years. airport emergency crews will be working with the red cross to stage a test daily. >>> he took place in the live online chat and when asked if he gave the chinese classified secrets, snowedden said no and he called it a predictable sneer. he responded to dick cheney who called him a trader and he said being called a trader by dick cheney is an honor. 52 percent of americans do not approve of his actions and they think he should be brought to justice and 50% feel he should not be prosecuted. >>> yahoo said most requests are related to criminal cases including fraud or kidnapping. it does not allow them to say how many information requests are covered but yahoo is asking the government to reconsider and let it go public with that information. >>> 548 is the time sal has all of the information we need to know about the commute. >> okay, traffic is doing better than it was and let's look at what we have. westbound traffic is still very slow because of an earlier a crash at lovage road and let's move along, there
. >>> and paramedics will be at the airport and it is only a practice drill. the faa calls it an emergency drill between 9:00 and noon today. >>> it's being called the first major glitch of the new all tolling system. they have learned about a flood of complaints about the new billing system failing to keep up with payments. many have been unfairly mean liced. this began 90 days ago and the district is still doing everything possible to solve the problem. >>> sal, you are watching the golden gate bridge and everything else, right? >> yes, southbound 101 as you head down to paul avenue or silver avenue, they are still doing an investigation and southbound is a mess, i would use 280 instead and we are looking at the golden gate bridge and traffic is easy in both directions southbound and northbound as you drive out of san francisco all the way around. if you are driving in the south bay, 237, we are getting some slowed traffic at zane road. let's go to rosemary orozco. >>> today is going to be a cooler dated and the system which has brought us this mild weather is finally beginning to nudge inlan
behind. at last check on the faa's website, that's going to trickle over to tomorrow morning, with low clouds in place, expect delays for tomorrow morning. we can expect clouds for the bay and the interior valleys. tomorrow tea going to clear out quicker. and we expect sunshine in the east bay and south bay. not a hot day for us, even by 4:00 p.m., we're looking at mid-70s inland. live hd sky camera network, you can see on your hd screen toward the top, that's part of the marine layer moving throughout the south bay. up toward oakland, not looking too bad, a few areas of patchy fog that's developed across the east bay, overall downtown looking good, and also. yes, fog free at the bay bridge right now, can you see the camera shaking around in the wind. we'll talk more about that wind coming up here in a moment. let's get to our fog factor forecast for tomorrow morning. i do think all counties here in the north bay, marin, napa, sonoma county will be dealing with low cloud cover. also for the trivalley, including walnut creek, alamo and san jose, for the peninsula, the thing about tomorr
story. the "wall street journal" reporting the faa is expected to walk back some of the rules on using personal electronic devices. it will probably mean you won't have to turn your kindle off during takeoff and landing, which is great. you're at a good part of the book and you have to power down. then you feel like a criminal when the flight attendant yells at you or you hide it under something. they're not expected to change the rules on in-flight phone calls, though. the exact changes won't be announced until the end of september. and it's about time for an update. how about this? the rules have not changed since the 1960s, where you probably could smoke on a plane and sneak in your own jack daniel's, but that's another story. >>> still ahead on "way too early," the biggest star in the nba living up to his billing. game seven of the nba finals. we'll look back at the miami heat's win and lebron's performance. >>> and it could be the most challenging assignment of all time for a sign language interpreter. her assignment, signing woo tang clan. that's hard enough for me to say. and a
for calls or data. so what will we be able to use and when will we be able to use it? the faa may not make a decision until september. >> thank you, david. >> and there's news tonight about actor james gandolfini who died this week at the young age of 51, on a father-son trip to italy. doctors tonight revealing more about the cause. >> reporter: 24 hours after this photo was taken of james gandolfini eating in a rome restaurant with his 13-year-old son, michael, the star would be dead of cardiac arrest. today a close friend announced the results of this morning's autopsy. >> he died of a heart attack, of natural causes. >> reporter: gandolfini wasn't known to be in particularly bad health when he died, though he had long battles with addiction and his weight. today the family spokesman said they hope to have the funeral in new york at the end of next week. >> thank you, alex. >>> on a friday when we needed some good news here, a made in america headline here straight from your family photo album. if you're like us taking so many digital photographs, so many images we've taken, so many smil
added six seats to eight 320's.19 and spirit uses the maximum number of lightweight seats that the faa allows and they do not recline. a spokesperson said this allows us to offer customers even lower more fuelmakes us efficient. value to paywed for extra legroom. on ans buying passage airplane is what we are getting. in a 10 can in the sky. a if you're planning vacation, you will pay them most during july which is when most americans take time off. make sure you can't delete, it's the baggage and legroom for the family will cost you when it is all said and done. --walk -- no warning about a new warning about a scam you need to look out for. ups and fedex say you need to watch out for fraudulent e- mails asking for money for package delivery. others say a lost packages waiting. they posted some examples on their websites. if you get one of those, do not open it or click on any links. if you have a facebook and twitter account and maybe a commandthis is center that works with businesses to track what you're saying about them. when you talk about a picture on social media, command centers
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